•  Height 5’4 5’5 GIVE OR TAKE
  • Weight about 167 
  • i’m black mix with black , BAHAMIAN
  • fav colors PINK,  BLUE , MUSTARD YELLOW, but my fav print is anything PLAID 
  • pets? my cat BLU 
  •  shoe size 8
    bra 36A/B,  pants idk? i think 12/13 or large
  • my body 100% natural with a few scars and stretch marks, I’M AN UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY AND I EMBRACE IT Jolie Laide
  •  my hair is Afro textured, BUT i love wigs 
  • i don’t smoke, mayb 420 like 6 times a year.lol
  • i love animals and try to help them, i respect them, i might want a true career with animals in some way
  • my fav foods is anything healthy, but love rice and veggies, and bake cookies 
  • HOBBIES: beauty, clothing, crafts, web design, writing,cooking 
  • i like blogging about a various of topics
  • i love skating
  • i love partying and dancing when i get a chance
  • i want to travel more to unique places